Rava Upma

Well, people make upma in a number of ways. But out of all that I have tasted, the one I am going to share with all of you today, is the one I like the most. It is because,this is the only style where you get the flavor of 'rava'.Though its important to eat it hot and fresh as it gets dry when cools down. But do try out this recipe,my grandma style,This is what I call as rava upma!!you will definitely like it!

1.Rava - 1 cup
2.Green chili -3 finely chopped
3.Onion - 1 cup finely chopped
4.Ginger - 1/2 tsp crushed
5.Curry leaves - 7/8
6.Cashew nut - 1/2 cup
7.Rasin - 1/2 cup
10.Mustard - 1 tsp
11.Water - 1 cup

Method of preparation:
1.In a pan,heat 1 tbsp oil,splutter the mustard seeds and add the curry leaves.
2.Add the cashew nut and rasin and saute for a min.
3.Add the chopped onion,ginger and green chili.Add salt and saute until the onion turns slightly golden brown.
4.Add rava and roast it on medium flame until it turns slightly brown and gives a nice aroma.
5.Now add 1 cup water and mix it thoroughly for 2-3 mins.
6.Transfer it to a serving bowl and enjoy it with a warm cup of tea!
NB: This upma is best when served hot.

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