Pani Puri

Growing up in Navi Mumbai,Pani puri had been part of my daily food!! My friends and myself spent so much time at "Ambika bakery" enjoying the mouth watering pani puri,ragada pattice,dahi bateta sev puri!! So now I make it at home,thanks to my sis who suggested a healthy way to prepare pani(with pudina), meethi chutney with dates and jagery and ofcourse hari chutney with cilantro .

1.Puri - 8(1 plate)
2. Ragada - white chana(2 cups soaked over night)
Meethi Chutney:
1.Dates - 7 pitted
2.Jaggery - 1 cup crushed
3. Tamrind - 1/2 cup  pulp
Hari Chutney: 
1.Cilantro leaves - 1 bunch
2. Green chili - 2
3. Lime juice - 2 tbsp
4. salt
1. Pudina - 4/7 leaves crushed
2.Badshah pani puri masala - 1 tbsp
3. 3 cups of cold water

Method of Preparation:
1.Grind the ingredients to make hari chutney with water and salt.
2. Pressure cooker the dates and grind it with water and strain the pulp out.To this add cooked jagery and tamrind  juice, to make meethi chutney.
3. Mix Crushed pudina, badshah pani puri masala and cold water to form the pani.
4. Pressure cooker chana for 3/4 whistle to form ragada ,a mushy consistency.
5. Well eating pani puri is making a whole in the puri and filling it with some hot ragada and dipping it in pani, meethi chutney and hari chutni and quickly gulping the whole puri into the mouth to enjoy the burst of flavors.You can also mix pani with meethi chutny and hari chutney as per the spice and sweet level you want and keep it ready for just one dip.

Enjoy this amazing mouth watering fast food of mumbai and let me know how you like it!!!!

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